New Dore Fleet For Bristol

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of our brand new fleet at Dore Metals Bristol,
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New Dore Building Complete

Construction has been completed on our new 8500 sq ft. warehouse which we are now fully new warehouse dore metalsoperating from. The new building is situated adjacent to our main warehouse here in Sittingbourne, Kent. Continue reading


New Dore Building Underway!

Construction is currently underway for a brand new building on our existing premises with an estimated completion date of 1 Continue reading


Help Dore Raise Money For Demelza House Childrens Charity

It has been an active last few months for the team at Doré Metal Services. After previous sporting activity being mainly consigned to  playing golf and watching from sofas, the Doré Metals team are having a flourish of activity including running and cycling, whilst at the same time helping to support some extremely worthy causes. 

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What You Need To-do When You Are Cutting Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the most common types of metals. It is used for the construction of buildings, to the coke can on your desk to even a bike frame. – Not only is it one of the most common types of metals, it is one of the most popular for jewellery. Aside from Gold and Silver. Doré have decided to write a guide to show the correct way of cutting aluminum.

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What Is Rust? And How To Prevent It

Rust occurs when the metal structure is revealed to oxygen and moisture and can cost businesses money and affect productivity and can even be dangerous if not treated correctly. In one of the worst cases of corrosion from rust, an oil tanker named Erika in 1999 was carrying 10 billions Continue reading


Second Year Sponsoring Trilby Golf Tour

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Doré Metal Services – New Branches Open

It has been a busy time recently at Doré Metals, and we are always looking for to improve and expand upon the services we offer. Continue reading


Tom Every – Forevertron

Initially it looks like a piece of junk, just a load of old scrap and although you could say it is, this sculpture made by the famous Tom Every and it is such a phenomenal piece of art. Bringing out the elements and detail of these pieces of metal, some pieces dating back hundreds of years. ‘Every had been collecting scrap metal for over 30 years and after finally leaving his business in industrial wrecking and salvaging he renamed himself as “Dr. Evermor” and began Forevertron.

Tom Every sculpture - Forevertron

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How is Aluminium Made? – The Process From Start To Finish

In this blog we will explain how metals are made, more specifically; Aluminium. A material which here at Dore Metal Services, we supply to companies of all sizes throughout the UK and Europe. We are going to start from right when aluminium is first at its raw material to when it’s eventually the kettles in our kitchen or any other aluminium product.How is Aluminum made

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