A-Z types of commonly found metals.

In this blog is a list of the most commonly found metals, from A-Z.

A-Z Metals

Alloy – This is formed from two types of metals, or one type with a component which isn’t metal.

Aluminum – One of the most common types of metals for being wearable and lightweight.



Brass – This is an example of an alloy metal as it is made up from copper and zinc.

Bronze- Another alloy metal made from copper and tin.



Chrome – This is a very shiny decorative metal, and is not easily corroded.

Copper – Another very commonly found metal, usually a red-ish brick colour. It is also used to make up an alloy formulas.



Foil – It is rolled into very, very thin sheets and aluminum foil is commonly found as a house-hold item.



Gold – Gold is usually a shiny yellow color and unlike aluminum it is very heavy just like its price. However it is one of the softest metals.



Iron – Iron is pretty much the biggest metal components on the Earth.



Lead – It is a soft and ductile metal.



Magnesium – This type of metal reacts highly in experimentation and a key part to everyday life.

Mercury – At room temperature this metal can still be a liquid without changing. It also does not react well with acidic.



Nickel – This is a component which can be used to make up stainless steel.



Pewter – This is also an alloy metal. It is usually used to make picture frames.

Platinum – This is known to be a very precious metal.



Quick Silver – The name for liquid Mercury.



Silver – A soft, reflective shiny metal.

Solder – This is an alloy metal combined of tin and lead.

Steel – Steel is another alloy which is a mixture of all different types of metals, mainly iron, carbon and chrome



Tarnish – This is a mixture made up of types of metals it is more a layer of a rusty, brown dull colour

Tin – Tin is mainly used as part of an alloy but is in fact one of the oldest metals known to man.

Titanium – This type of metal is a dark silver colour and is also one of the strongest in comparison to a lot of other metals. It is used mainly to make strong alloys.




Zinc – Zinc is a very protective type of metal and again is used to make a lot of strong alloys. It won’t let another metal rust when mixed together until all the zinc is gone.

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